A new exhibition is opening at Carleton Street Orange Hall and Heritage Centre on Tuesday 25th May

The exhibition is entitled Her Story Her History and looks at influential local women who made an impact in history. The exhibition also coincides with the centenary of the formation of the first women’s orange lodge in Portadown. 

The exhibition looks in detail at the suffragettes, votes for women and other local women organisations including those that helped significantly during the First and Second World War. 

Within the exhibition we look at the stories of local women and how their actions had a significant positive impact on the local area and the rights of women. 

Throughout the historical timeline of the exhibition, we explore how the women’s organisations gained an equal platform with the men. 

The exhibition will officially open to the public on Monday 25th May, in line with the lifting of restrictions. Keep an eye on our social media pages for dates and times. If you would like more information, contact the office on 38332010 or email portadownheritagetours@gmail.com