Serving to educate, connect and inspire visitors on the industrial Heritage and Orangeism of Portadown

Portadown Heritage Tours was established in 2017 through Carleton Street Community Development Association, who were successful in obtaining a grant for National Lottery Heritage Fund.

As an organisation we continue to grow and develop new initiative ways to tell the history and heritage of Portadown and the local area. We currently offer three main tours; The Town Walking Tour, Tour of Carleton Street Orange Hall and The Siege of Drumcree Tour. We also offer a range of events and exhibitions throughout the year.

Portadown is known as ‘The Orange Citadel’, with its rich history in the formation and development of the Orange Order. The majority of our community tour guides are members of the Loyal Orders. We offer a unique experience in exploring the history of the local loyal orders, as well as the heritage of Portadown.

We offer a Community Outreach Programme and a Youth Outreach Programme; both prove very popular as there is a big focus within the programmes for Cross Community outreach as well as BAME Community Outreach.

Portadown Heritage Tours is currently supported through National Lottery Heritage Fund.