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Young Ambassadors

We are pleased to launch the Portadown Young Ambassador Programme. This programme aims to provide training, qualifications and skills to young people in the local area aged 13-18. The programme will be packed with new opportunities in a relaxed setting that will equip young people to have a voice in their local community and become Ambassadors for the area.

At the heart of the Young Ambassador Programme is the principle that your views, and those of other young people are heard, valued and influence decision making; and that they are engaged in driving change in the local area. The objective is to create young leaders in Heritage and Culture through knowledge and give participants access to a range of opportunities which reflect their interest and abilities. A Young Ambassador has a key role in promoting the history and heritage of Portadown and motivate and inspire other young people to get involved in their community. A Portadown Young Ambassador will be involved with the work of Portadown Heritage Tours. This will provide experience and opportunities in the community and provide new skills and knowledge to take into the future for education and employment. It is also an opportunity to become part of a team and make friends.

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Take a look through our brochure to find out more and if you would like to download the brochure to view later just click here

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It couldn’t be easier to apply to become a Portadown Young Ambassador. You can either download the application form, complete and return to us or create the online form.