What's the CATCH ?

Funding for Local Heritage ! What’s the Catch ? 

Well there is no catch – we have designed a quick and easy funding scheme for local heritage projects which is aimed at introducing local groups to the exciting world of community heritage.

We have been working hard for over five years and would now like to reach out to the wider community and help them to get involved in heritage. 

Heritage is what we value about the past, it helps shape our identity and gives us a sense of place and purpose. We all have a heritage which needs to be understood and promoted.

We are passionate about the past and believe that heritage should be promoted to the advantage of us all. 

We know how hard it is to get into heritage and  for many groups it is a new idea, and is not what they are primarily involved in. We also know how hard it is to attract funding for new initiatives – so we have asked our funder to set aside £40,000 from our budget to allow us to help other groups get started. We are pleaded to say they agree so a Big thank you to the National Lottery Heritage Fund!

Funding Local Heritage

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We are offering training and support for all local organisations to help then get started on their heritage journey.

The CATCH community heritage network provides support and training to enable community action to promote heritage.  The network will help a range of community and voluntary organisations to recognise the heritage around them and realise its potential.

Training and resources will help groups explore local heritage around the theme of ‘Portadown – A Town Goes to War’. 

To help organisations a fund will be available.The CATCH fund which will be open to all organisations who take part in the network and avail of the free training will directly fund local projects, events, activities and solutions. It is aimed at local community and voluntary groups which may not have identified heritage as a priority.

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Funding to Suit You

CATCH All Funding

Our CATCH Fund has been designed by the community for the community and is the first such grant aimed to kick start community heritage in this area. 

The fund will have two levels which are aimed at different types of project.

Small Grant: £1000 – £2000

  • Research and discovery: local studies aimed at discovering aspects of Portadown’s contribution to or experience of the Great War aimed at filling in gaps in local knowledge and the experience of The First World War.
  • Community Activities and events: which raise awareness of and interest in community heritage relating to the Great War, especially local involvement in and contribution to the war effort at the front and at home
  • Commemoration and Education: events, activities or artefacts which aim to mark, recognise or acknowledge Portadown’s Contribution to and role in the Great War and reflection on the lessons learnt using a range of media or ways of commemorating the past.

Larger Grants £2000 – £5000

Aimed at projects which can identify a solution or opportunity to address a sector wide or thematic issue of problem which affects community heritage.

  • Technology– the better use of digital technology to access or interpret and understand heritage related to the ARCH Project.
  • Research – higher level academic research to discover patterns, themes or improve efficiency or accuracy of community heritage research.
  • Strategic – improved strategic planning or solutions for community heritage sector to address problems or seize opportunities.
  • Sustainability – the development of cultural tourism outcomes and audience engagement actions to make community heritage sustainable.  
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Education – researching the history and heritage of local streets, organisations, buildings and communities and helping others to get a better understanding of the fundings.


Exploration – to improve the knowledge about Portadown’s role in the First World War and to make this story more accessible and understandable to more people.


Commemoration – to mark the service and sacrifice of the local community in new and more accessible and inclusive ways  which complement existing memorialisation.